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Innovations and Contributions

# 1 Adjustable Book Cradles

• Support books while they are being used
• Used for exhibiting books in classrooms and lectures
• Support photo albums while in use
• Flexible - used for a wide variety of book sizes
• Improve the safety of handling fragile bound artifacts

Cradle being used

# 2 Galley Proof and Playbill Housing

This idea created a new use for the lateral file cabinets while providing more cost efficient housing and easier access to the collection material.

New housing

Old housing
Old housing Old housing

# 3 Vellum Manuscript Housing

This unique matting design provided safe support for the vellum manuscript while allowing viewer access to either side of the manuscript for research purposes. (Model available on request.)

Illuminated manuscript Illuminated manuscript

# 4 Special Housing for MGM Movie Mattes

Unique housing design for the special problems of housing the heavy MGM Mattes, provides protection for the vulnerable pastel and painted surfaces while allowing them to be safely stored, stacked in boxes yet accessed efficiently.

The MGM Movie Mattes are now housed in sink mats with special glassine cover boards. Images like these are used as labels on the outside of each box with a limit of 5 mattes per box.

Poor housing
MGM movie matte MGM movie matte

# 5 Use of Photoshop to aid Treatment

By using some of the technology available in Photoshop when viewing the digital images taken in the before treatment photos, layers below the top surface of the wax seal became more visible. The images on the seal became easier to discern and the previous treatment of the seal was more visible.

Original photo Photo altered in Photoshop
Original photo Same photo after using photoshop
Zoom in for better view

# 6 Special Mat for Wax Seal

A unique design was created to house and protect the fragile wax seal (to help keep it upright) and, still provide researchers access to the information but with less risk to the artifact.

Seal housing Seal housing
Special mat Provides access when necessary

# 7 New System for Housing Papyrus

A new, yet simple and inexpensive housing system was created for the fragile papyrus collection which allows researcher access while minimizing risk to the artifacts.

Papyrus fragment
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