Illuminated manuscript

Conservation Services
Treatment of Paper & Books

Caroline Jane Boyd
Paper and Book Conservator

• Over 16 years of conservation experience
• Expertise in both paper and book conservation
• Expertise in environmental monitoring
• Experience in art museums, library and archives, and in private practice conservation
• Creative innovations improving collection care

Wide variety of treatments including:

• Treatment of approximately
200 MGM movie mattes

• Mold removal treatments on books,
manuscripts, and art on paper,
paintings, and sound recordings

• Wax seal consolidation

• Tape and adhesive removal

Jane designed the adjustable book cradle
to support large or fragile rare books
and photo albums while open and in use.

Illuminated manuscriptsIlluminated manuscript

Before Treatment

After treatment, an innovative
housing and display was designed
for this collection.

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Mold Removal Treatments
Experience treating many types
of artifacts, including books,
manuscripts, photos, paintings
and records.

Moldy record treatment:
Detail photo - Before Treatment Moldy recordDetail photo - After Treatment Cleaned record

Adjustable Book Cradle

image of adjustable book cradle
MGM Movie Matte
MGM movie matte
Before Treatment
Debris removed
After treatment
After Treatment